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How to enjoy NRT as avgeeks

*This article is for aviation geeks and people who are quite interested in airplanes.

A special photo shooting event was held at a restricted area of Narita Airport on July 28. The event was organized by NAA, Narita City, and the aviation photographer, Charlie Furusho, who has a Guinness World Record for flying with 156 different airlines.

The participants really enjoyed this precious opportunity.

The runway is SO close!!!

The distance to the airplanes may be similar to Ditmars Blvd near LGA.
(*These photos were taken in January 2015 near Planeview Park in Jackson Heights, NYC. 8.6F/-13C. Brrrrrrrr!!)

However, the huge difference is you’re in the restricted area!!! That makes you feel privileged!!!

Also, we visited JAL’s hanger where we were allowed to take amazing photos of B787!!! (*Not allowed to upload them though.) That was really a breathtaking experience!!!)

After visiting the hanger, we enjoyed the business class food.

This photo shooting event was held on a trial basis. The organizers are wishing to plan another date in the future. Once I find the information about it, I’ll post it on this blog.

In the meantime, let me give you some information about where to visit in and around NRT for plane spotting

The best place that I recommend is Sakura-no-yama Park, northwest of the airport. When the airplanes land from the north, you can take amazing pix here.

This one was taken from the sidewalk near the park.

Ha! Isn’t this cool?

When the planes depart north, they could be quite high when they pass Sakura-no-yama.


In that case, you could wait for the wind change at Sakura-kan, where you can buy some food, local produce, etc. Restrooms are available here. (Thank God!)

Moreover, Mr. Charlie Furusho’s shop is here!

You’ll be surprised with the selection of aviation items!!

You can take a bus here from the airport for 240 yen.

Terminal 2 (1st floor 28A bus stop) to Sakura-no-yama
09:45, 12:11, 14:33, 16:52, 18:26 (weekdays)
10:04, 11:55, 15:51, 17:39 (weekends and holidays)

Sakura-no-yama to Terminal 2
06:52, 12:10, 13:50, 15:39, 18:20 (weekdays)
06:55, 10:42, 13:07, 16:10 (weekends and holidays)

So here is the idea. After landing, you could leave your luggage at the airport, and visit Sakura-no-yama, spend some time there, go back to the airport, then start your journey.

If you could spend some more time, you could visit Museum of Aeronautical Sciences.

Here is the timetable from the airport to the museum.

And from the museum to the airport.

If you wish to stay this amazing NRT area, you could stay at Marroad International Hotel to appreciate this gorgeous view from your hotel room!

You could join Narita Airport Transit & Stay Program, too.

Have a wonderful time at NRT!

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