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Ginza walk

Started walking around Ginza from Kabukiza theater (Higashi-ginza sta on Hibiya line).

Exit 3 takes you to the theater.

There are some shops on the 2nd basement level.

Free WiFi is available around Ginza area.

You can go up to the 5th floor for the Rooftop Garden!

Not so much spectacular, but it’s nicely small and cozy for relaxing.

There is a small gallery (free admission) on the 4th floor. “Kabuki-ni-Touch” with more detailed and fun exhibition on the 5th floor is for 600 yen for an adult.

You could try the tea house on the 5th floor called Jugetsudo.

You can experience tea ceremony here. This article on matcha-jp will give you more information.

Oops! I forgot to take photos of Kabukiza building! Next time…

Now, let’s walk to Ginza 4-chome intersection.

On your way to the intersection, you will find this old stationary store called Ginza Shimaya founded in 1911. They have a nice selection of Japanese postcards, and a post office is super close from here! Sending a post card overseas costs 70 yen.

Ginza has a lot of noteworthy architectures.

This is a department store called Wako founded in 1881. The current building was build in 1932. Wako’s clock tower has been a landmark of Ginza.

San-ai Dream center (right) completed in 1963 has also been a Ginza’s landmark. The white building on the left is very new. It was completed in 2016.

One of the popular stores in Ginza is Itoya (approx. 3-min walk to north-east from the intersection). Again, matcha-jp has a wonderful report!

And you can’t miss UNIQLO (approx. 3-min walk to the southwest from the intersection).

If you have time, check out GINZA SIX across from UNIQLO, too.

They have a huge rooftop garden.

You can see Tokyo Sky Tree from here!

We had casual lunch at Naniwaen in Hakuhinkan. They have English menu!

It’s reasonable with this salad bar.


Today’s info

Kabukiza Theater



Naniwaen (6th floor of Hakuhinkan)

FYI, MATSUYA GINZA (near Itoya) has nice restaurants on the 8th floor if you look for somewhere around 2-chome area.

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